8. Take Advantage of Rewards From Grocery Stores

These days, many of the big grocery store chains operate their own gas stations out in the parking lot. They also offer rewards cards if you sign up to be a member. Some of those rewards apply to savings on fuel. It can be amazing just how much you’re able to save at the pump just for using your rewards card and buying gas where you buy your groceries. However, remember that the savings are taken off the station’s regular price, which may not be the best price in town, so use an app or shop around before you fill up to make sure you’re getting the lowest price per gallon.


7. Get Your Wheels Aligned

Regular alignments are important to overall maintenance and for preventing uneven tire wear, but did you know that you can boost fuel economy by almost 10% if you keep your vehicle aligned properly? Alignment can be thrown out by anything from curbing to potholes, and it will naturally deteriorate through normal driving, so have your car aligned at least once a year.

6. Don’t Be Desperate

We’ve all been there before – you’re driving along on fumes, desperately looking for the next gas station. Don’t put yourself in this position. Avoiding it is as simple as doing two things. First, don’t wait until the tank is almost empty to start looking for a place to fill up. Second, try to avoid the first gas station you encounter after a long dry spell, as they generally have higher prices.

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