Uber Driver Stabs Rider Leaving Holiday Party

An Uber passenger waits for his ride.

In Bloomfield Township, Michigan, a 23-year-old Uber driver allegedly reacted poorly when a picking up a passenger just before Christmas.

When he arrived to pick up two passengers, the victim and his wife, the victim tapped on the window of his 2012 Honda Civic. The result was an enraged driver who lashed out with a knife, allegedly stabbing the victim several times.

Unprovoked Attack

The Uber driver, Jacob Allemon, believed the victim disrespected his car when he tapped on the window. Allemon picked up the pair from a holiday party, then pulled over a mile later at a shopping center at Maple Road and Cranbrook. Allemon got out of his Civic and opened the backdoor, demanding the two get out of the car.

Because there was a snowstorm in progress, the pair of passengers asked if they could wait in the car until another Uber driver arrived. The answer was obviously no, as James Allemon allegedly pulled a knife and stabbed the victim multiple times.

Victim Neutralized the Attack

Despite being stabbed several times in his chest, back and face, the victim managed to end Allemon’s attack, disarm him, and restrain him until authorities arrived. The Beverly Hills man was taken to Royal Oak Beaumont Hospital where he was treated for his wounds and released the next day.

The angry Uber driver was charged with assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder.

Ride-Hailing Problems

Despite the alleged attack, this is not the most egregious act of violence by an Uber driver. Last February, also in Michigan, Jason Dalton shot eight people resulting in six deaths. The shootings happened randomly between picking up and dropping off his Uber fares in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Unsettling attacks such as these could provide the push necessary for self-driving taxi services. App-based ride-hailing customers may fear for their safety, whether from attacks like this or from bad driving and awkward interactions.