10. Dead Battery

There’s nothing quite like turning the ignition of your car only to hear click, click, click. Your car’s battery can die at any time. Have it checked before you leave for your trip, and make sure to turn off the lights and radio when the engine’s not running to avoid draining it.

Speaking of your car’s ignition, when is the last time you had your plugs examined? You may need to change your spark plugs.


9. Starter Failure

Without an operable starter, you won’t be going much of anywhere. Thankfully, they can be checked easily during a charging/starting system check (which will also check your battery and your alternator’s operation). Have one performed before starting your trip.

8. Locked Out

Most of us have been here at one point or another, but it’s much worse when you’re hundreds of miles from home. Make sure you have a spare key, and that it’s not in the vehicle. If necessary, have another family member carry a spare in their pocket at all times.

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