Top 10 2016 SUVs to Take Off-Roading


Sadly, a dwindling amount of modern SUVs can actually take on real trails. Instead of sifting through the sea of soft crossovers to find the real off-road champions, check out our list of top 10 SUVs to take off-roading.

Jeep Wrangler

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. The Wrangler is perhaps the most beloved off-road vehicle today. It boasts tremendous followings all over the world, and only seems to be getting more popular.

Not only can a properly-outfitted Wrangler take on all sorts of rugged trails, there’s a humungous aftermarket for them. That means owners can customize them in all sorts of ways that just aren’t possible with other vehicles. Throw in the fact that there are active Jeep clubs all over the place, and you have plenty of reasons to go get a new Wrangler so you can get in on the trail action.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Wrangler people call these mall cruisers, and there’s a certain truth to that name. Most Grand Cherokee owners don’t take their beloved SUV off the pavement, but those who do, and know what they’re doing, should be pretty impressed with its abilities. It’s not quite as good at trails as the Wrangler, but it still surpasses plenty of other vehicles.

Of course, you get way more comfort with the Grand Cherokee, so if that’s your thing this could be the SUV for you.

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