12 of the Craziest Motorsport Crashes Caught on Camera


Motorsports can be incredibly dangerous – all it takes is one slip of your concentration and you’re into the wall or on top of another driver. From motorcycles to racecars to boats and more, there have been some spectacular accidents caught on camera (both photographs and video). From the incredibly tragic to the “how did that happen” moments, here are some of the craziest motorsports car crash videos ever caught on film.

12. Le Mans 1955


There have been any number of notable, tragic accidents and eye-opening wrecks in the world of auto racing, but few of them compare to the tragedy that occurred at Le Mans in 1955. It resulted in 83 spectators dead (not to mention the drivers involved), and another 120 seriously injured.

Driver Mike Hawthorne belatedly tried to make it to the pit for gas and tires. The car behind him lost control and slewed into another, which collided with the ramp and, launching off the second car, went airborne. The driver was killed on impact, and the engine, front axle and hood were sent into the crowd. The car was built of magnesium, and caught fire, only to explode when fire crews attempted to put it out.

11. Roger Williams


Roger Williams entered his second Formula One race, but did not emerge alive. A tire failure led to his car flipping over and bursting into flames. Other drivers attempted to save the trapped man but by the time the fire truck arrived, Williams was dead from asphyxiation.

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