8 Mind-Bending Supercar Crashes


It’s a fantasy world where precision engineering and drop-dead gorgeous design collide. The supercar realm is dominated by just a handful of names that include Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Porsche, along with a select few others. That fantasy world quickly becomes a nightmare when a supercar crashes, however.

Well, nightmare may not be quite the right word for it. Maybe a better term would be train wreck. It’s a situation where, despite the obvious damage and destruction that could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you just can’t seem to tear your eyes away.

Unfortunately, just because your car can drive fast doesn’t mean you have the skill to handle it. That’s often the case in supercar crashes – a show-off decides he’s got something to prove and ends up pushing the car beyond what his skill can control.

While there are hundreds to choose from, there are some supercar crashes that are simply jaw-dropping. Here are 10 of the most mind-bending supercar crashes you’ll ever see.

Budapest LaFerrari Crash

Late last year, a driver in Budapest decided that he wasn’t satisfied trailing another vehicle in traffic. Instead, he thought it to be a great idea to juice it around a slower-moving car and speed past. The problem with his plan is that Budapest roads aren’t perfect. He lost traction with his $1.4 million car and the front end dove to the right side… into parked cars.

The image may not look like anything more than an unfortunate fender-bender but rest assured, it’s probably over $200,000 in damage to the Italian-built supercar.

London Lamborghini Aventador Smash

It doesn’t pay to drive irresponsibly on tight streets, which this Aventador driver learns the hard way. Zipping down Sloan Street, an unsuspecting driver turns their compact car onto the roadway and the speeding Lambo doesn’t have room to get by without a crash.

It looks like the driver nearly avoids contact, but just enough of a touch sends the supercar airborne, resulting in massive damage to the Aventador.

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