8. Wash From the Top Down

You should start washing your car from the top even if you are struggling to reach all parts of your car’s roof. You can keep soap scum and excess dirt from getting into areas that you just cleaned. Also, you can establish a proper schedule for how you will go about washing all parts of the car.


7. Dry Along the Contours

Don’t use a circular motion when drying off your car. This will potentially cause scratches around the car and may keep some wet surfaces from being cleared off completely.

Instead, dry off the car by moving along with its contours. Move the cloth from one side to the next to get water to gradually move off while keeping from adding more pressure onto the body.

6. Avoid Acids on the Tires

People often use acidic cleaners on their tires to get rid of tough residues that are often hard to wash off on their own like brake dust. However, an acidic cleaner will create oxidation on the tires, thus causing the finish on the tires to wear out quickly. This in turn can keep the tires from looking as beautiful as they should. You must avoid using acidic cleaners; instead, use a degreaser and a cleaning brush to clean off those surfaces.

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