Top Movie Cars of 2016


Another year of films is coming to a close. Along with the top names in Hollywood, there are always automotive stars that take the stage in blockbuster movies. Some make a brief cameo while others experience total and complete destruction in front of the camera lens.

In 2016, we didn’t get a new installment of the Fast and Furious series. Nor did we have any James Bond flicks. Instead, most of the vehicles we saw were a little off the beaten path. Check out these top movie cars of 2016.

Deadpool’s Taxi

Their dialogue in the movie is mostly witty banter by the dubious superhero played by Ryan Reynolds and the naïve Darpinder. Each interaction takes place in the typical taxicab environment, complete with Daffodil Dream air freshener and the driver’s doting images. The car, coincidentally, is a Crown Vic in taxicab yellow.

Jason Bourne’s Dodge Charger

In the fifth instalment of the Jason Bourne series titled after the main character, Jason Bourne, there’s little doubt you’re going to get a car chase. You’re not disappointed as Matt Damon once again tries to outrun the CIA, led by Tommy Lee Jones.

It’s a lengthy chase that happens on the Las Vegas strip in both the movie and in real life. The late-model Dodge Charger takes several sideswipes, jumps the boulevard, plows through oncoming traffic, and evades the local police cars as well as the CIA’s specialty SUV.

It should go without saying, but folks, don’t try this stuff at home with your Charger.

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