Volkswagen BUDD-e Named Concept Truck of the Year


Finally there’s some good news for Volkswagen. The BUDD-e all-electric microbus concept has been named “2016 Concept Truck of the Year.” Its innovation and ease of use raise the bar for automotive design. The BUDD-e’s utility and mobility features are both current and futuristic.

BUDD-e spotlights Volkswagen’s commitment to green technology. It is VW’s first vehicle built using their Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB). The concept car uses a 101 kWh battery that stretches EV range up to 233 miles. Electric motors at each wheel enable it to achieve 93 miles per hour. To recharge, users can plug into a charging station or use advanced cordless induction charging.

The BUDD-e’s connectivity, audio and visual systems provide insight into VW’s future. Both interior and exterior features can be controlled with Gesture Control 2.0. Voice control features begin simply by saying, “Hello, BUDD-e.” BUDD-e combines smart home and smart car tech with infotainment to make driving interactive and intuitive.

To keep tabs on traffic around you, e-Mirror technology is used. The view from small side-mounted cameras is displayed on the multifunction screen, eliminating the need for side mounted mirrors. The steering wheel is completely flat and free of buttons. Instead, controls are haptic and pressure sensitive, or can be operated by a swipe gesture.

The Concept Vehicle Competition

This was the 15th year of the North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards. Finalists were chosen from concepts unveiled throughout the year’s car shows. VW’s BUDD-e debuted in January at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Its competitors for the award were the Lincoln Navigator, Kia Telluride, and Nissan Titan Warrior concepts.

“We are thrilled that the BUDD-e has been honored as 2016 Concept Truck of the Year,” said Dr. Hendrik Muth. Muth, who is Director of Product Marketing at Volkswagen of America, added, “We are determined to lead the future of automotive design. BUDD-e shows the capabilities of our all-new electric vehicle.”

Volkswagen’s Hope For The Future

It is almost a year since the steady stream of negative publicity from the Dieselgate scandal began. The bad news for VW continues to this day. Recognition for its futuristic design and advanced electric vehicle technology is critical if Volkswagen is to recover in the US market. The company has committed to building 20 new electric cars by 2020. Let the electrons flow – RIP Clean Diesel!