8. Lack of Rotation

We mentioned tire rotation previously, but what’s it all about? Rotating your tires is necessary to prevent excessive wear on the drive tires (the front in a front-wheel drive car, and the rear in a rear-wheel drive vehicle). Have your tires rotated at every other oil change.


7. Not Lining Things Up

Your vehicle’s steering and suspension system is incredibly complex, and must be adjusted regularly due to things like normal wear and tear from driving, as well as unavoidable bumps, dips and potholes. If you’re not having your car aligned periodically (roughly once per year or so), then chances are very good that you’re not getting the use life out of your tires that you should. Tires are expensive, but so is premature wear on steering components.

6. Riding Your Brakes


Your brakes are meant to slow and stop your car, but not to be used constantly. If your foot is always hovering over the brake pedal (or constantly in contact with it), then you’re riding your brakes. This puts an immense amount of stress on the system, and chances are good that you’re blowing through pads and rotor resurfacing services like there’s no tomorrow. Get your foot off the pedal, and don’t ride your brakes. Even very minor pressure on the pedal activates your brakes and will reduce not only lifespan, but braking performance as well.

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