5. Chrysler Town and Country

The Town and Country is very similar to the Dodge Grand Caravan, but comes with a host of luxury upgrades. Pricing starts at $31,000, so it’s more expensive than some options on the market, but still within reason. Fuel economy is on par with most of the segment, coming in at 25 MPG on the highway and 17 in the city. There are plenty of features to love here, from the adjustable seating to the Stow and Go capabilities. Leather is standard, as is the premium audio/video system.


4. Kia Sedona

Priced at $26,000, the 2015 Kida Sedona should certainly be on your list if you’re considering the purchase of an affordable minivan. It offers large wheels (17-inch), as well as 4-wheel antilock brakes and plenty of other benefits. The V6 engine is capable enough as well, and there’s more than ample space for passengers and cargo. Fuel economy is about average for the sector, coming in at 24 MPG on the highway and 18 MPG in the city. You can upgrade to a larger engine and higher end features for $39,000 if you’ve got the budget.

3. Ford Transit Connect

The Transit Connect doesn’t look like a traditional minivan, and that’s because it’s not. It does fall into the category based on its size dimensions, though. This van is designed for comfortable travel in mostly urban areas, and relies on a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine to get it around town. It sees 29 MPG on the highway and 21 in the city, so buyers can enjoy better than average fuel economy, and there are several options when it comes to seating configurations and even the number of windows on the van. A larger wheelbase model is available for $30,000 if you need more hauling capabilities.

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