Don’t Miss These 4 Top Monster Truck Shows


There’s nothing quite like attending a monster truck show. The fans go crazy as lifted trucks do just about anything on the race track. From back flips to racing and everything in between, the best monster truck shows spare no expense when it comes to getting audiences on their feet.

Safety is always a major concern, but the organizers keep upping their game year after year. Whether you’re a lifelong monster truck fan or you want to take your kids to an event they’ll never forget, these shows have everything you want and more. Check out the pre-show events to get a closer look at the trucks and their body lift kits or a signed autograph from one of the drivers. Plan the perfect trip and learn more about these must-see monster truck shows.

Monster Jam

Truly the king of monster truck shows, Monster Jam has made a name for itself. Forget the best monster truck shows, this is one of the most exciting live entertainment shows in the world. At least if you like to see massive trucks skid around in the dirt for hours on end. They take over huge arenas and fill them with dirt hills and tracks, giving you a front-row seat to all the insane action. You’re bound to find other monster truck lovers roaming the premises, considering these shows tend to be packed to the gills, so make sure you get your ticket early.

Nearly every event begins with what’s known as the Pit Party, giving you and the rest of the attendees a chance to meet the drivers, get an autograph, and take photos of the trucks. This is usually held outdoors next to the venue, if it’s not too cold, or inside the stadium. It usually starts about an hour before the actual event, so get there early.

Making this show, you’ll see a little bit of everything, including timed racing events, a two-wheel skills challenge where drivers are required to bring at least two wheels into the air, freestyling, and even a donuts section. Many of these competitions are judged, so drivers are expected to bring their A-game.

Monster Jam holds events across the country. Check out their schedule online to book your tickets in advance.

There’s nothing quite like the best monster truck shows. From backflips to racing and everything in between, they spare nothing getting fans on their feet

All Star Monster Truck Tour

If you’re in the Midwest, be sure to stop by the All Star Monster Truck Tour, invading the Lake Erie Speedway in Northern Pennsylvania on Saturday, June 22nd and Sunday, 23rd, 2019. This family-friendly event features a massive outdoor race track with all the hills and jumps you’d expect from the best monster truck shows.

You’ll see a range of amazing acts during the event, including the Best Trick Competition, Full Throttle Racing, and the famous No Rules Freestyle Throwdown. The show features trucks of all sizes, including four-wheelers and even a logging truck, so the show will be anything but repetitive.

If you get there early, you also have the chance to ride in a monster truck either before or after the show. Space is limited, so make sure you’re at the front of the line. You can also upgrade your ticket and get the Pit Pass, giving access to the track. You’ll get a closer look at the trucks and a chance to meet the drivers. Tickets are affordable, starting at just $20 per adult. Sign up now to make sure you get a spot.

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The Monster X Tour

Holding events across the country, the Monster X Tour is sure to get your blood pumping. It’s known as one of the dirtiest events in the world of monster trucks, featuring gigantic 10,000-pound trucks doing a little bit of everything, from crushing cars to landing sweet jumps. Every event is different, but they tend to let the drivers have free rein over the course, focusing more on freestyling than judged competitions. You’ll also find extreme rallycross racing, and some of the most outrageous stunts around, including roof-scraping cliffhangers, double grabs, superman seat grabs, and even backflips!

Upgrade your tickets, and you can take a ride in one of the trucks, meet the drivers, and get access to the Pit Party where all the pros hang out and take pictures with their fans. They hold events in nearly 20 states, including Hawaii, so there’s a good chance there’s an event coming to a town near you. Visit their website to book your tickets today!

There’s nothing quite like the best monster truck shows. From backflips to racing and everything in between, they spare nothing getting fans on their feet

Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Live

You can’t go wrong with a name like Hot Wheels. Named after the popular toy franchise, Hot Wheels is also getting into the monster truck business. As you can imagine, the show caters to a younger audience, so nearly every truck is decked out with bright, bold designs and awesome logos, complete with giant tiger-shaped accessories and all the flame decals you could ever want.

The trucks featured in the show do all the crazy stunts and tricks you could want, including donuts, flips, and all different kinds of jumps. Smashing and car-crushing tend to be fan favorites, so these trucks are bound to do some damage during the show. There’s even a megasaurus-shaped dinosaur that loves to eat cars. Yes, you read that correctly. It shoots fire from its nostrils, and it crushes or devours anything in its path.


Unlike other events that charge for special pre-show events, the Crash Zone Pre-Show Party is free, giving you a chance to walk on the race track and see the trucks up close. They hold events across the country, but they’re not as frequent as some of the other shows on this list, so get ready to jump if there’s an event near you. As an added perk, kids get in for just $7.

Buy Your Tickets Early

There are so many reasons to attend one of the best monster truck shows. Regardless of how much you love monster trucks or geeking out over truck lift kits, you’re bound to get swept up in the energy of the crowd at the best monster truck shows. Discover why so many people love these events. Book your ticket and start planning the trip of a lifetime today!