8. Nissan Frontier: 74,360

Nissan makes its second appearance on the list of best selling trucks in 2017 with the Frontier. The frontier is one of three smaller pickups to make the list (along with the Toyota Tacoma and Honda Ridgeline).


While the compact Nissan Frontier was a breath of fresh air in the scant compact truck market when it came out, it’s getting a little worn out. And sales numbers reflect that sentiment. Sales were down over 14 percent. It had better up its game before the Ford Ranger makes its comeback, or the Jeep Wrangler pickup for that matter.

7. Chevrolet Colorado: 112,996

Just like the Silverado and the Sierra, the Chevrolet Colorado has a GMC counterpart, the Canyon. And just like the Silverado, the Colorado puts up bigger sales numbers than its GMC cousin.

Even though the Colorado posted a respectable 4 percent sales growth in 2017, it came in just behind the Toyota Tundra. But then, that’s better than the Canyon, which fell out of the top 10 rankings.

6. Toyota Tundra: 116,285

The Tundra is the full-size big brother of the Tacoma. Despite the reliability Toyota is known for, neither the Tundra nor the Tacoma can rival sales numbers for domestic pickup trucks.

The Tundra had a pretty stale year. With only 116,285 units sold, sales weren’t even up 1 percent over 2016. Still, they were up.

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