8. Parking Assist

Who doesn’t loathe having to parallel park? It’s a nightmare even if you’re experienced with it. By 2017, most of us won’t have to worry about that problem. There are several systems already on the market that offer some degree of parking assist, but look for them to get much more robust in the next year or two.


7. No More Buttons

Buttons have been the traditional form of in-car control for a long time, but companies are looking to phase out those ubiquitous buttons, in favor of touch technology. Both Tesla and Volkswagen have sophisticated touch systems on the market now (both in concept cars and in production vehicles), and you can look for other automakers to begin adopting this technology on a wider scale. It’ll go far beyond a touchscreen infotainment system, and allow you to control all aspects of the car with touch and gestures.

6. Laser Lights

Sure, our headlights have gotten progressively brighter over time (we’ve all been blinded by those “super blues” at some point). However, laser technology promises not only better light emission, but amazing control over where that light falls on the road, allowing you to see better and creating better safety for drivers, passengers and even pedestrians. This tech faces a few challenges, though, including changing US laws so they would be legal on our roadways.

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