The 15 Worst Things to Happen to Your Car on a Road Trip


It’s the season for a road trip. Maybe you’re headed off to the beach for the annual family vacay. Perhaps you’re visiting family in another state, or maybe you’re finally taking that dream trip and driving across the country and back.

Road trips are fun, but they can also be dangerous, particularly if your vehicle isn’t ready for the challenges it will face along the way.

Here are the 15 worst things that might happen to your car on a road trip, and how you can prevent them from happening

15. Flat Tire

This one’s almost a given – you’re driving along, minding your own business, when the steering suddenly goes wonky, and there’s a loud whomp-whomp-whomp sound. You’ve blown a tire, and now it’s time to put on the spare. Help avoid this by having your tires checked (and replaced) before hitting the road. Avoid hitting debris in the road if at all possible without swerving into other lanes of traffic.

14. Blown Radiator Hose

You’re cruising down the road, when steam suddenly starts billowing from under the hood, and your temperature gauge shoots into the red. Pull off the road immediately, and call yourself a tow truck. Have your hoses checked before you start your trip to avoid this nasty outcome.

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