13. Broken Belt

A broken belt could mean a frustrating experience sitting on the side of the road, rather than sightseeing or making it to your destination. Belts crack and wear over time, and they’ll fail if not maintained and inspected regularly.


12. Brake Failure

Hear that squeal when you hit the brakes? That’s a good sign your pads are about worn out, and you’ll soon be metal to metal. When that happens, the caliper will begin eating into the rotor, and you’ll have bigger problems than just replacing your pads. Have your brakes checked regularly, particularly before a road trip.

11. Power Steering Failure

Power steering systems help make it easier to handle your car, but when the pump fails or the rack springs a leak, you’ve got some serious headaches ahead of you. Check the power steering fluid level regularly, and have the rack inspected before hitting the road.

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