These VW Concept Cars Are an Enthusiast’s Dream


Volkswagen is unveiling its new fleet of VW concept cars at SOWO: The European Experience.

Featuring five models from the brand lineup, these specially prepared show cars are the result of the diverse interests of Volkswagen enthusiasts. Let’s have a look at these VW concept cars.

Beetle Post Concept

This VW concept car showcases the top Beetle R-Line trim, as well as championship-winning BMX rider, Alise Post. Post has outfitted the car with two custom GW bikes for Beetle Post Concept project.

The car rides on 19-inch Mr. Drama Queen wheels from an up-and-coming company, Radi8, and uses an H&R Springs Street Performance Coil Over system that lowers the stance and highlights the performance potential of the Beetle.

Jetta GLI Nardo Concept

The GLI is something of a stealth performance car, and the Nardo Concept builds on this reputation. A few simple touches really make the car pop. The GLI has been a staple VW brand since the Mark 2 generation of the Jetta.

Nardo Grey covers the car. It’s a popular color at sister brand Audi, and it brings out the lines without looking flashy. The Nardo has an H&R Springs Street Performance Coil Over system and BFGoodrich G-Force Comp-2 A/S tires for a more road-hugging appearance.

Golf GTI RS Concept

Longtime Volkswagen owner Sam Dobbins, the creative director at Vossen Wheels, is an influential figure among the enthusiast scene. His VW Golf GTI RS Concept is an interesting amalgamation of different car cultures. There’s a particularly heavy Japanese influence via the Rocket Bunny widebody kit.


To set his car apart from others with similar body modifications, Dobbins put a lot of effort into honing the sheet metal to eliminate wheel rub so the car is comfortable to drive on a daily basis.

The interior is stripped down, but the polished aluminum floorpan, race-inspired seats, and other accents reflect the exterior design. It’s definitely a hot hatch!

Golf Alltrack Country Concept

The third-generation Golf Country Special edition inspired this year’s Golf Alltrack Country concept. The Golf Country, which was sold only in Europe, was designed for medium-duty off-road driving. It features more suspension travel than a traditional Golf, Syncro four-wheel drive, higher ground clearance and brush guards.

What’s more, this thing is a true weekend warrior. Hence the roof-mounted tent system. It includes a flexible solar panel, a curved LED light bar and a solar-heated shower.

You get an integrated entertainment system – complete with media computer – mounted into the spare wheel well. The liftgate comes with a custom LED light bar for additional visibility.

And if you’re wondering how all of this won’t kill the car’s battery, don’t fret. Three batteries tucked under the truck floor are charged via the solar power system. So it keeps the media center and USB power ports at full charge.

Golf R Heritage Concept

The Golf R Heritage concept features an homage to the car’s German heritage. The stripe package comes in the colors of the German flag. Then there’s a white, lower rocker accent stripe pattern. Vossen provided the wheels, starting with the VWS-1 finished in matte gunmetal and polished anodized silver. H&R Springs provided the sport spring package.

The simple touches highlight the enviable platform of the Golf R model, while leaving the car close to factory specification, which is what most R owners tend to do.