Looking for the Most Reliable Truck? Check Out These Haulers


It would be hard to determine the most reliable truck that ever hauled somebody’s bedroom suite to their new house. If you’re in the business of putting your truck to the test daily, reliability and dependability are paramount. You won’t want to be in a situation where your truck won’t start. Trucks are expensive to maintain, and even more expensive to fix.

J.D. Power’s Vehicle Dependablity Study has rated three-year-old trucks based on design and defect issues their owners noted. If you’re looking for the most reliable truck, one of these haulers won’t let you down.

Chevy Silverado HD

It’s the first year of the new Silverado HD body style and, surprisingly, their owners think the world of them. That’s not something often said of the first year of any new vehicle redesign. The gas job of the 2014 Silverado HD has 4.10 gears for incredible towing capabilities, and the optional bulletproof Duramax turbodiesel engine and Allison transmission are a carryover from the previous generation.

With the reliability of the powertrain, it’s not so shocking that people love this truck. Both the Silverado 2500 HD and 3500 HD are included here, which are the real workhorses of the Chevy lineup. The interior and electrical problems, including widespread recalls, don’t seem to faze these hardworking folks quite so much.

Ford F150

The 2014 Ford F150, on the other hand, is the last model year in its generation. Ford had since the 2009 model year to work out the kinks, and that’s just what they did. The broken spark plug problem had been corrected and fun-loving variants like the F150 Tremor with a twin-turbo V6 were introduced.

America’s best-selling pickup truck just couldn’t stay the course. The 2015 model year saw an aluminum body and with polarizing opinions all over the interweb. And although the new truck is significantly classier, people just love their 12th-gen F150s.

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