3. Fix-a-Flat

There are plenty of different brands out there, although Fix-a-Flat is probably the most widely recognized. Keep a can of this on hand at all times to ensure that you’re not caught unprepared when you have a flat. Just shake the can, connect the hose and press the button at the top – your tire will re-inflate, and with a little driving, the leak seals itself (in most instances, but not all). However, remember that this is a temporary fix only. You still need to get to a service center to have the leak completely repaired or a new tire mounted.


4. Vacuum

Sure, the Honda Odyssey might come with a vacuum cleaner from the automaker, but most vehicles don’t. Still, could you imagine how handy having one of these at all times would be? From spilled cereal to dirt and debris in the floorboards, a portable auto vacuum is a must-have item. The best options connect to your power outlets, and are compact enough to tuck away out of sight even in smaller vehicles. Make sure the model you choose has several different brush attachments for different surfaces in the car, as well as a carrying/storage bag.

5. Garbage Bin

It takes very little for a surprising amount of garbage to build up inside your vehicle. Having kids means it accumulates even faster. From empty water bottles to food wrappers and everything in between, a portable garbage bin will save you both time and sanity. Look for a model that’s closable (a zippered bag is best), and that is waterproof (to help prevent spills from those half-emptied sodas). Of course, it won’t empty itself for you, but at least this is a step in the right direction.

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