Here You Go, Stretch: The Best Motorcycles for Tall Riders


Finding  the best motorcycles for tall riders isn’t the easiest task in the world. Many bikes are designed for those on the shorter end of the tape measure.

Despite current development trends though, there are still bikes that fit the taller among us with ease. Here’s a handful of the best motorcycles for tall riders.


Adventure bikes are some of the best motorcycles for tall riders. Their upright seating positions and ergonomics developed for long road trips make these comfortable choices on the road. A generous 33- or 35-inch seat height leaves plenty of room to let the legs stretch out.

Distance from the ground to the seat is only one aspect of feeling comfortable on the bike. Luckily, the R1200GS also has a cloud for a seat, and smart handlebar design keeps fatigue from creeping in too soon. A 130 mph top speed will make sure you get where you’re going.

This is a go-anywhere bike which regularly experiences all corners of the globe, carrying people of all shapes and sizes. It’s more than capable enough to handle your larger frame on the evening commute.

Ducati Multistrada

Another adventure bike, but unlike the Beamer, Ducati’s upright tourer is asphalt-focused. So while it might not be designed to go the long way round, or down, most riders keep to the pavement as it is.

This environment is where the Italian bike shines. Available in both 950 and 1200cc displacement, it’s the 1200 that makes heads turn and crowds flock.

Possibly the most tech-focused adventure-tourer, the papa Multi includes a six-axis Inertial Measurement Unit which supports in-corner ABS control to improve traction, stability and performance.

Seat height is comparable to the Beamer’s at 32 inches. With a wet weight of just over 500 lbs, the Ducati is incredibly nimble, and the 160 horsepower powerplant means you won’t be left behind. Just be careful if it’s raining.

Combining comfort for larger riders and an immensely playful attitude makes the Ducati Multistrada one of the best motorcycles for tall riders.

Harley-Davidson Road King

Cruisers have legroom for days. And weeks, if you happen to be a tall rider who’s mostly legs. Honestly, we could’ve chosen any number of cruisers from all around the world for this spot. There also could’ve been any number of Harleys in this spot as well.


Life as one of the most popular cruisers, along with H-D’s other FL platform bikes, has its perks though. With the Road King’s relaxed ergonomics and wealth of personalization opportunities, tall riders can find the motorcycle they actually want to ride all day long.

Oh, and did I forget to mention the 111 lb-ft of torque? It has as much power as it does legroom.

Honda Gold Wing

Sure, you don’t see too many young people riding Honda’s luxo tourer on their Saturday morning coffee runs. Their loss.

And yes, you won’t be able to pretend that you’re Marquez or Maverick on your rides, out-braking your mate into 130R before launching into Horsepower Hill. Or however your local backroads are configured.

But that isn’t everyone’s dream. Some just want to ride outside of the cage and experience the world.

The Honda Gold Wing is one of the best motorcycle for tall riders who want a few luxuries. Built for touring, this flat-six-powered bike includes over 150 liters of storage space, a surround sound audio system and satellite navigation.

This bike is more comfortable than many cars. If it came with headrests, you might as well be sitting in a recliner.

Custom Ride

A custom motorcycle designed for tall riders

Look, everyone comes in all manners of shapes and sizes. Maybe the bike that fits you like a glove is the one that’s designed and built just for you.

Much like a bespoke suit, a frame up custom job can be expertly tailored to your dimensions and style. That could mean a chopper with longer handlebars or a cafe racer with the footpegs set lower and further to the rear. If you know how to build a motorcycle, you can build the bike however you want it.

However you want it, that is, except cheap. But can you really put a price tag on a one-off bike that fits you like a glove?

Aftermarket Accessories

Okay, so maybe you can’t justify spending your hard earned paycheck on a one-of-a-kind bike that has the resale value of a piece of bark. Maybe your heart is set on a certain sportbike but wish it had a couple more inches in the seat or handles.

Plenty of aftermarket accessories are floating around to help riders mold their bikes to however they wish. Whether you have the legs of a giraffe the torso of a redwood or the arms of an orangutan, there’s an aftermarket option to fit a motorcycle to a taller rider.

Just because some bikes out there that can’t size up well doesn’t mean they all can’t. There’s just a little more effort involved to find the best motorcycles for tall riders.

Whether it’s riding adventure bikes, cruisers, tourers, custom or even something modified, don’t use your generous height as an excuse to not get out and hit the road on two wheels this summer.