8. Tailgate Protector

A truck’s tailgate gets a lot of abuse. Not only does it serve as a loading ramp for the box but then it has to keep the cargo inside the bed. That can be a daunting experience if the inside of the gate doesn’t have some protection from cargo shifting during acceleration.


A good protector will not only cover the box side of the gate but the top as well and can be purchased for $30 to $150.

7. Custom Wheels

Swapping out wheels and tires is the fastest and easiest way to give your truck a significant custom look. However, when you go big (and wide) you have to take into consideration the change in handling, road noise and of course the fact that they are not going to help you save gas.

When more rubber meets the road more gas is needed to make it go. This is the easiest way to give your ride a distinctive look but not the least expensive. New wheels/tires run $100 to $700 each.

Tires can do more than enhance your truck’s personality, they can add safety. Consider getting some snow tires if you’re looking at new tires. They’re great for driving safely on snow and ice.

6. Spray on Bed Liner

Another example of better living through chemistry. The spray on urethane bed liner provides a tough, durable protective coating to the box floor and sides.


No scratched paint, no rust, no dents, and it even helps deaden the road noise of the cargo. This is one of the best truck accessories. It can be yours for $300 to $700.

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