Why People Keep Buying Land Rovers


Many people are interested in buying a Land Rover, and for good reason. They are a luxury SUV, have great safety ratings, and can be driven on multiple types of terrain. Let’s take a look at why people keep buying Land Rovers, and then you can find a dealership to start the purchase process.

They Keep Coming Back

The brand is actually doing just fine, with an expanding lineup and lots of sales. There are several factors that figure into Land Rover’s continued success, so let’s break them down.

Not for Reliability

In case you haven’t looked up information on Land Rover reliability, don’t eat before you do. Seriously. The brand has fetched abysmal scores from the likes of JD Power, because quite frankly the SUVs breakdown way more than your wildest dreams can imagine. It’s not just that sensors are going out constantly, Rovers are notorious for blown gaskets, air suspension failures and other really expensive problems. Owners even complain about the most random issues you can imagine, like the headlights strobing instead of staying on.

This is why it’s a popular option to lease Land Rovers. Still, all those lease returns are bought by plenty of eager people. Surely these individuals have the Internet, so they know they’re getting a problematic vehicle.

Off-Road Monstrosity

If you listen to Jeep owners, nothing beats the brand when it comes to off-roading. The fact is Land Rover has been making tough off-roaders that can hang with Jeeps for a long time. They might look pretty, but don’t be fooled: the LR4, Range Rover, etc. are made to play in the dirt.

Admittedly, not everyone is attracted to the brand for this reason, but it is a factor. Even if Land Rover owners never take their vehicle off pavement, they still feel a sense of adventure just climbing into it.


Owning an obnoxiously overpriced SUV is a status symbol. Nobody’s really that impressed by a Chevy Tahoe or Toyota 4Runner. While Cadillac Escalades can turn heads, Land Rovers really scream that the owner is rich, successful, etc. At least that’s the case in certain circles, because owners must be doing well to pay for all those crazy constant repairs.

In other words, Land Rovers are all about conspicuous consumption, at least for some.

The Image

Let’s face it: plenty of people will buy vehicles for nothing more than the image that comes with it. Back in the day Volkswagen was able to convince the right individuals that the Rabbit Cabriolet was stylish, and that triggered droves of mouth-watering teens to gravitate toward the car. That same irrational factor has made Land Rover a brand many lust after.

While Jeeps are cool and have a great image of their own, nobody would even dare call them designer. But a Ranger Rover Autobiography is like a work of art on wheels. People who care about how they look at all times will value this. Everyone else can be satisfied with a Wrangler.

Unrivaled Luxury

Try something out: go to a Cadillac dealership and get into an Escalade. Then go straight to a Land Rover dealership and sit in a Range Rover. You’ll be shocked how much nicer the Rover’s interior is, from the hand stitching to the supple leather and wood accents. Even the switchgear screams luxury, instead of “this was borrowed from a Suburban.”

People who spend a ton of cash on a vehicle want a really nice interior, which makes sense. Land Rover gets that and it delivers. Few other brands like Mercedes-Benz can match it, which is why Rovers are still such popular SUVs.



When was the last time you heard about a big safety scandal with Land Rover? They haven’t been the subject of unintended acceleration, death wobbles, or faulty ignition switches. Rovers are built like tanks, plus come with all kinds of electronics to help drivers avoid bad situations.

Land Rovers are loaded with all kinds of standard safety features, plus can be outfitted with some pretty crazy options. We’re not just talking about a rearview camera and forward mitigation braking, either. The current Range Rover can be outfitted with safety aids that are aimed more at off-roading, like the All Terrain Progress Control system. It takes some of the dangerous or expensive guesswork out of going down a trail. Some might think it makes off-roading less enjoyable, but for many Land Rover owners the vehicle is a means to get to a destination, and they’re like to do that without muddy water touching those soft leather seats or testing out the crush resistance of the roof.

While it might seem harsh, people who make a lot of money are always worried about getting injured and the resulting loss of income. Plus, if you could afford a little tank to protect not only your own body but your loved ones, wouldn’t you at least consider it?


Call it the snob factor, because that’s exactly what it is. Not everyone can afford to buy a newer Land Rover, let alone maintain the thing. That builds a level of exclusivity. Like I said earlier, in some circles owning a Rover is a sign of success. And like it or not, some people won’t let you into their inner circle unless you have the right things, just like kids in high school who insist all of their friends wear the right brands.

Is that shallow and ridiculous? Yes, but it’s the truth. This is about why people keep buying Land Rovers, not the ethics of Rover owners. If you find yourself unimpressed by this list, a Land Rover obviously isn’t for you, and that’s just fine. Trust me, your life will be less frustrating.