Bentley Continental Supersports: the World’s Fastest Four-Seater


It might not be the first production car that has reached 209 miles per hour, but it’s the first to do so with a rear seat. The new Bentley Continental Supersports, a four-seat ultra-luxury coupe, is fit for the track or the freeway.

The name Supersports comes from the Bentley lineage in the 1920s, when coaches ruled the world. Yet, the newest of the namesake creates a new standard, one that may defy competition for quite some time.

The Continental Supersports spits out 700 horsepower and 750 lb-ft of torque – that’s not a typo – which propels this beautiful beast from zero to a thrilling 60 miles per hour in just 3.4 seconds.

So you’re not impressed with 3.4 seconds? That’s a full second faster than the Porsche Carrera 4S and bests the Ferrari F430 by a few tenths. Now add to the equation the car’s weight. The Bentley Continental Supersports weighs in a just a tick over 6,000 pounds – a little more than three tons. That’s nearly double the Ferrari’s curb weight. Impressed yet?

The Supersports Isn’t Just Fast

Bentley is far beyond just a sports car. It’s at the pinnacle of ravishing luxury, and the Continental Supersports shall not be an exception.

Starting mechanically, you’ll find an 8-speed transmission mated to its twin-turbo W12 engine. That transmission is incredibly strong to handle 700 horses, however the shifts are silky smooth, yet firm. Not sure how that works? Think of the flesh of a perfectly ripened peach.

The soft skin of the peach is what you’ll feel inside. Tri-tone leather adorns the interior of the Supersport. Its racing nature is still prominent, though, with carbon-fiber detailing across the dash and diamond-pattern stitching on the door panels and seats.

Handles Like a Dream

If driving fast and hard blesses your dreams at night, you’ve found a new object of affection. The Continental Supersports accelerates quickly although there’s more to fun driving. Its all-wheel drive system makes the Supersports stick to the road incredibly. Sixty percent of its power is sent to the rear wheels, yet when the torque vectoring system kicks in that power can shift from front to rear and left to right. Brakes are applied ever so accurately to pivot the Supersports in whichever direction you point the steering wheel.

When it comes time to decelerate, Bentley’s taken control of that also. Gigantic brake discs are squeezed by eight-piston calipers (yes, eight!) to slow the behemoth to a stop. Carbon-ceramic rotors are a necessity when you’re this heavy and powerful, but the benefits include impressive braking without any fade.

Fancy yourself an English-bred race-ready ultra-luxury coupe like the Bentley Continental Supersports? Be ready to shell out nearly $300,000. A convertible will set you back another $30,000.

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If you’re lucky, the dealer may throw in a free spot of Earl Grey.