New Cars Movie Trailer Showcases Advanced Automotive Animation


Disney’s Cars, released in 2006,  was an immediate animated hit for kids and their parents alike. The Disney Pixar full-length movie won a Golden Globe for the Best Animated Feature Film that year.

Regardless of how well it was animated, one thing is certain: the first Cars movie was still cartoonish.

Skip ahead more than a decade. The Cars 3 trailer is making its way across the internet at blistering speed, faster than the aging Lightning McQueen on the racetrack.

And that’s what the movie is about – the star of the oval is eclipsed by a younger, more advanced model. Strangely, that’s quite similar to the first movie, just with roles flipped.

Advanced Animation Just the Start

If you aren’t careful, you’ll think parts of the Cars 3 trailer is real life. It’s not, but that’s how well the graphics are done. Animation is leaps and bounds beyond a decade ago, and it shows with this Disney Pixar flick. Think of it as the animators maturing along with the movie series.

The only car in the movie trailer that is still cartoonish is Lightning McQueen. Otherwise, every model is likened to a rendering for a car manufacturer. It’s remarkable, actually. Watch the Cars 3 trailer here.

When you look at the car that’s taking the spotlight away from Lightning – a hot little thing called Jackson Storm – there are aspects that could be part of a production model. The bumpers, fenders, quarters, headlights – they all look quite realistic.

Is Cars 3 for the Kids or Parents?

The storyline is relatable for adults and understandable for children. Cars 3 is still an animated film, however its matured from a primary school-age demographic to elementary and beyond. And the feeling of being outdone by someone younger and better is a point that drives home among the parents.

In the 11 years since the first Cars movie was released, the viewers have grown up too. Those who were kids in the theater could now be the young parents taking their children to their first movie. And doesn’t that just suit the storyline to a tee?

Cars 3 should be a great, family-friendly movie that everyone from toddlers to grandparents will enjoy.

We’ll look forward to seeing more than just the trailer when Cars 3 hits the big screen on June 16, 2017.