While all vehicles these days are loaded with safety technologies such as airbags and side impact beams, the fact is that riding in a pickup literally is still a safe bet. It’s one of the most important reasons to buy a pickup truck. Sitting up high offers great visibility of the road and other drivers and one of the benefits of having a pickup truck.


Those same safety innovations you find in the family sedan are also present in trucks, plus most pickups are heavier. Physics will tell you that when two objects collide, mass does matter, so being in the bigger of the two vehicles will only increase the chance that you’ll walk away.

The safety features for pickups vary wildly, depending on the manufacturer and trim level you select. Some have all kinds of advanced systems that will warn the driver when there’s a risk for an accident, or that will even hit the brakes if you don’t.

Further, trucks are by and large more reliable than most cars and SUVs. So the chances of you going outside and finding out your truck won’t start aren’t as great. Which is nice.


It might seem funny, but people treat you differently when you roll up in a truck. If you don’t believe that, try renting one for a week and see for yourself. One of the benefits of having a pickup truck is people tend to get out of your way on the highway.

People will treat you like a confident, self-assured individual who isn’t afraid to get your hands dirty. You’ll get called “boss” by random strangers, something they’d never say if you had just climbed out of a sedan.

Be warned that there’s a downside to all that respect, because people might respect you enough to ask for help moving.


Back in the day pickup trucks were pretty Spartan, one might even say ghetto. All of that exposed metal and cheap vinyl seats are history today. Instead you can enjoy a heated steering wheel, windshield and seats (front and back) to make the cold weather more bearable, plus front seat ventilation for those hot summer days. Do you want real walnut and aluminum trim? You can get that with a truck. How about an interior that’s whisper quiet? Modern trucks offer that up as well. Many of the top trim levels are so loaded with luxury, they give the average Lexus or BMW some serious competition.


You also don’t have to contend with small rear doors if you get the largest cabs on the market, making it easy for adults to get in and out. The middle seat in the rear isn’t some pathetic cushion large enough for only a teddy bear, but instead can also accommodate a full-grown adult. Legroom, headroom and shoulder room are also ample, which is a luxury you just don’t get in many vehicles.

Another benefit of having a pickup truck is that you have the luxury (see what I did there) of riding higher than most other vehicles. This provides you with a commanding view of the road and surroundings, which makes getting where you need to go so much easier.

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