Get the Fast Facts About the New Tesla Cybertruck


Tesla Cybertruck Release Date: When Will It Be Roaming the Roads?

Today, more shoppers than ever are driving or considering electric and electrified vehicles as customer demands change and shift, and as more shoppers make purchase decisions with sustainability in mind. If you are looking into electric vehicles, then you are in luck. Let’s checkout the Tesla Cybertruck release date.

Lately, there has been more buzz around electric vehicles in the auto industry than ever before, and the Tesla Cybertruck is responsible for a good measure of it. Featuring a radical design that features a body formed from the truck’s actual structure, the Cybertruck delivers on two popular customer intentions by way of its very design: distinctive looks and safety.

From that basis, shoppers can expect plenty of the latest Tesla innovations and full lifestyle support by a way of a collection of add-ons and accessories.

Below, we will look at some key facts and specifications about the Tesla Cybertruck that fans and shoppers can start getting excited about.

Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

The Tesla Cybertruck was first unveiled alongside a pre-order process that reached 250,000 orders during the first week. The number of Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders now likely exceeds half a million units, according to electrek.

With the global pandemic affecting release dates of automobiles around the globe, there is no concrete answer on when customers will receive the first units, though the automaker’s website says production will near in late 2021 for AWD-equipped models, with rear-drive units starting production later in 2022.

Currently, sometime in mid to late 2022 seems a likely expectation for deliveries to begin.

Price and Models

The Tesla Cybertruck is available in various configurations to suit a wide range of shopper needs, tastes, and budgets. Currently, Tesla lists pricing from $39,900 USD for a single-motor model with rear-wheel drive, $49,900 for a dual-motor AWD unit, and $69,900 for the mighty tri-motor AWD model.

A full self-driving package is also offered for an additional $10,000.

Tesla has also teased the Cyberquad concept—an electric ATV that fits perfectly into the back of the Cybertruck.

Exterior Styling

The Cybertruck looks like no other pickup on the road—thanks in no small part to the fact that it’s “exoskeleton” construction lets it proudly wear its frame structure on the outside, rather than covering it with body panels. Enabling high strength and crash protection, Tesla says the Cybertruck is built out of the best materials available—including 30x cold-rolled stainless steel comprising its structural skin, and armored glass on the windows.

Shoppers will be able to add accessories for camping, tenting, and overlanding, allowing the CyberTruck to be fully optimized for the lifestyle and task at hand.


Many Tesla owners charge primarily at home, filling the vehicle’s battery while it is parked. If you frequently make shorter trips, or only drive a few times a week, plugging into a standard household outlet is probably sufficient.

Upgraded charging systems can be added to compatible household wiring to help recharge the Cybertruck’s battery even faster at home, which is useful for busy families and businesses alike.

Tesla’s Supercharger network, as well as increasing charging infrastructure across the country, ensure drivers have plenty of access to fast charging capability on the move, allowing the battery to be recharged rapidly during a road-trip snack, washroom or stretch-break.

Advanced Tech

The Tesla Cybertruck will offer advanced technologies like an adaptive air suspension, which helps smooth out its ride and enhance both aerodynamics and off-road capability. With the ability to adjust ride height and suspension characteristics in real time, adaptive air suspension helps make off-road vehicles like this one more comfortable to drive over a wider range of surfaces.

The brands autopilot system is also included as standard equipment on all models. This suite of driver-assistance systems uses the latest technologies to help drivers operate their vehicle more safely by providing early alerts or corrections in response to detected hazards. Some fully-autonomous operations are included as well, like the ability to remotely summon your vehicle from its parking spot.


Vital Specs and Figures:

  • The all-electric Tesla Cybertruck will offer an estimated range between 250 miles and 500 miles, depending on the model selected.
  • Tesla rates Cybertruck towing capacity at over 7,500 pounds for the single-motor model, over 10,000 pounds for the dual-motor model, and over 14,000 pounds for the tri-motor model.
  • The Cybertruck can accelerate from 0 miles to 60 miles in about 6.5 seconds with its single-motor configuration, about 4.5 seconds in dual-motor configuration, and in less than 3 seconds in tri-motor configuration.
  • Thanks to the Cybertruck’s innovative design, it offers 100 cubic feet of lockable storage within its body structure, allowing owners to keep valuables safe and secure.