Toyota Prius Prime Review


Is it the Most Affordable Hybrid of 2023?

For drivers still debating leaping electric, the Toyota Prius Prime represents the perfect middle ground. This hybrid vehicle combines maximum fuel economy with one of Toyota’s most stylish designs to date. With a refreshed interior and exterior and a more powerful engine, Toyota has finally moved past the bulky Prius of the past to bring drivers a vehicle that is both environmentally friendly and enjoyable to drive. Read on to discover all you need to know about the Toyota Prius Prime 2023.

A Refreshed Appearance

In the past, no Toyota review could escape a reference to the clunky and boxy exterior design. But, with the Prius Prime, Toyota has created a car with a sleek, futuristic design that will appeal to drivers for more than its fuel economy.

This four-door hatchback is an ideal family car, with a sizeable trunk and room to sit five people. However, the sloped roof of the Prius Prime doesn’t leave taller passengers with much headroom. While this won’t be an issue for small children, for those burdened with the task of regularly transporting lanky teenagers from A to B, the lack of room may become an issue.

The interior design maintains some of Toyota’s characteristic quirks. Drivers may be provided with an eight-inch display – or a 12.3-inch display if you splash out on a pricer trim – but the placement of the digital gauge cluster leaves much to be desired. Positioned towards the rear of the dashboard, the majority of the information on the gauge cluster is hidden behind the steering wheel. This makes monitoring the car’s speed and tank gauge considerably more complicated than it should be.

But, that aside, the interior has received the same impressive upgrade as the body. Everything is positioned with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, affording the car a sleek appearance that maximizes the driving experience.

Maximum Efficiency

Since the debut of the first Prius in 1997, Toyota Hybrids have been leading the market regarding both efficiency and affordability. The Prius Prime continues this trend while marking a huge leap in the drivability of Toyota’s notoriously clunky cars. Utilizing a two-liter engine and coming in both two and all-wheel drive, with the 2023 model, potential buyers can expect to get an average of 56 miles per gallon.

Plus, the electric motor can supply an additional range of 36 miles. On the roads, the Prius Prime seamlessly transitions to the electric motor, giving drivers the freedom to switch between gas and electric as required. While the battery power can’t be relied on for long travel, it’s ideal for city driving and short commutes.

When the car is set to EV, the Prius Prime can comfortably cruise at 84 mph without relying on the engine. There’s no need to worry about falling behind passing traffic with the electric motor, it’s more than capable of matching the pace of other vehicles.


Toyotas are rarely thought of when people debate the smoothest and most agile cars to drive. However, the Prius Prime performs remarkably well when compared to its predecessors. It accelerates quickly and without too much complaint from the CVT gearbox and can hold its own on larger, faster-paced roads beyond the city.

It’s the fastest Prius available on the marking, reaching 60 mph in approximately 6.4 seconds. By comparison, the previous model struggled to reach 60 mph in under ten seconds. This removes the anxiety Prius drivers have had to contend with in the past when performing overtakes and merges.

Thanks to the Prime’s lighter frame, it corners well and has light yet crisp steering. The brakes are also incredibly responsive, which pairs perfectly with Toyota’s Proactive Driving Assist. This feature will automatically decrease the car’s speed if either the sensors or the cameras detect another vehicle or a curve in the road.

Reliability and Safety

If there is one thing you can expect from a Toyota hybrid, it’s reliability. Toyota builds its cars to last, and the Prius Prime is no different. It comes with a limited warranty that covers the car for the first three years or 36,000 miles. Additionally, the hybrid components are covered for ten years or 150,000 miles.

The 2023 model comes with Toyota’s standard safety features, including lane assist, parking and pedestrian sensors and adaptive cruise control. One new feature is the driver attention monitor. This system tracks the driver’s eyes to ensure their attention stays on the road at all times.

Final Thoughts

With a starting price of $33,455, the Prius Prime is arguably the most affordable and efficient hybrid available on the market. While the interior design maintains some of the Prius’ historic oddities, the driving experience and fuel efficiency make the Prime a perfect choice for anyone looking to switch to a hybrid vehicle.

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