6. Nissan Titan

The first revamped Nissan Titan in a decade will be hitting dealer showrooms for the 2016 model year, and it’s supposed to be a real game changer. There’s a strong new V8 engine under the hood, as well as a V6 alternate option to help you save on fuel. The interior has been updated completely, and you’ll find lots of cab and bed options, too. Nissan claims that it will also offer more towing capacity than any other half-ton pickup on the market, although it won’t beat out full-size trucks like the F-150 or Silverado.


7. Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma has been a fixture of the truck segment for over 20 years at this point, and it’s become the best-selling truck in its segment (particularly after Ford decided to stop production of the Ranger). The Tacoma offers a couple of different cab and bed configurations for buyers, and you get the legendary reliability and value-holding capabilities of the Toyota brand. The truck’s V6 engine is no slouch, although the base 4-cylinder is only worth it if you’re in this to save money on gas.

8. Honda Ridgeline

It’s weird looking, sure, but it’s pretty capable when it comes to towing. You’ll find that the short bed (the only option) is only ideal for minimal hauling needs, though. Of course, the Ridgeline comes with several other niceties, including one of the most spacious interiors in its class. The additional in-bed storage options also help add some value. That said, the Ridgeline is one of those trucks that will appeal more to suburban or urban dwellers. For others, a full-size pickup will be necessary.


There are plenty of trucks out there to satisfy your need for hauling, towing and off-road performance. The trick is choosing the right option for your needs. Now more than ever before, it’s worth considering offers from all automakers, rather than being tied to a particular brand out of loyalty. A little experimentation could give you some surprising results, and leave you with a truck that does exactly what you want, whether for work or play.

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