3. Dodge Ram

The Ram might not get the same press as the F-150 or the Silverado, but it’s still a definite contender for your purchase. Dodge has done a lot to upgrade the truck’s appearance and performance, and it’s on par with both Ford and Chevy in terms of options, hauling capabilities, and even cabin comfort and refinement. The 1500 version is the ideal model for most drivers, but you can upgrade to the 2500 for more capabilities (and an engine that pumps out almost 400 horsepower).


4. GMC Sierra

If you like the Silverado but want a touch more luxury in the cab, then the GMC Sierra is the option for you. It’s the same truck as the Silverado, but GMC brings additional luxury touches to this option without sacrificing performance or capabilities. Those luxury additions include a large touchscreen infotainment system, a spacious cabin, luxury materials inside, and an included rearview camera and a power liftgate.

5. Chevy Colorado/GMC Canyon

The Colorado/Canyon is a half-ton pickup truck that’s smaller than the Silverado or the Sierra. It’s designed for those with minimal hauling and towing needs, but who nevertheless need the capabilities offered by a traditional pickup, rather than an SUV. Both have a 4-cylinder engine as the base option, but you can upgrade to the V6 for more power and capabilities.

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