2. Chevrolet Silverado: 585,864

If General Motors branded their lineup of similar pickups like Ford does with the F-Series, we would have a clearer picture of how competitive the top spot is. The Silverado is mechanically identical to its GMC cousin, the Sierra. Still the Chevroelt Silverado does just fine on its own.


Silverado sales were up just 2 percent in 2017. However, judging by the popularity of the recently revealed redesign for the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado, expect that number to jump considerably when we look back at 2018.

1. Ford F-Series: 896,764 units

The Ford F-Series has been on top of the U.S. Auto Market since, like, Jimmy Carter was president. Seriously, it’s been the best selling pickup in the United States for 41 years. And it’s been the best selling vehicle since 1981. Of the 17.2 million vehicles sold last year, nearly 5.5 percent were Ford pickups.

Of course, the title of “best selling truck” comes with a pretty big caveat. The Ford F-Series is actually a group of light- and medium-duty trucks. The number of units sold includes the ubiquitous Ford F-150 as well as its variants.

Last year, 2017, was the first full year of sales for the new F-150, now made with lightweight aluminum. It got off to a bumpy start, but customers soon warmed up. Nearly 900,000 Ford F-Series pickups hit the road in 2017. That’s up over 9 percent from 2016.

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