Ducati Multistrada


In production for fifteen years now, the Ducati Multistrada has made a name as one of the best dual-sport bikes on the market. Seriously, is there anything the Italians don’t do well? Great ground clearance, a more vertical seating position, decent suspension travel, and optional saddle bags—the Multistrada takes the cake.

You have options in the Multistrada stratosphere, starting with the Multistrada 950 with 113 horsepower. It quickly cranks up with the 1260, with up to 158 horsepower. The Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro Pro might seem like a step back with ‘just’ 152 horsepower, but it’s equipped with skid plates, wheelie control, cruise control, and a bunch of other awesome tools for an on- or off-road ride.

Ducati Scrambler

A café racer, a desert bike, a cult bike all of its own, it’s the Ducati Scrambler. Really, it’s more of a sub-brand than anything, but it’s a cool bike! Think of it as the Kia Soul of motorcycles—a bunch of special editions, a little unusual, and easily customizable.

There are eleven different versions available to choose from, ranging from the 41-hp 399cc Scrambler Sixty2 and the 67-hp 803cc Scrambler, to the 86-hp Scrambler 1100. But among those eleven versions are some awesome schemes, like the old-school Café Racer and the retro Desert Sled. It’s a great bike for beginners, or those who want to play around with customization.

Ducati XDiavel

When their own website uses the phrase “Low Speed Excitement,” it sets the bar pretty low, doesn’t it? But the Ducati XDiavel defies your expectations. It’s one of the sexiest sport cruisers known to man. Everything is sleek, chiseled, and looks like it belongs in Dredd (the Stalone version).


In its chassis rests the renowned Testastretta 1262cc engine, and that should start to pique your interest. The XDiavel includes Ducati Power Launch, and that’s another insight into its abilities. It has 152 horsepower and 93 lb.-ft. of torque, and the top speed is around 150 miles per hour. There aren’t many cruisers you’d try that on, right?

The XDiavel is big on personalization, too. There are accessories available, but more importantly, there should be a comfortable riding position for almost anyone. Ducati says there are 147 ergonomic positions with seat, footpeg, and handlebar adjustments.

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