The Most Reliable Luxury Cars, Because No One Likes Repairs


So you’re going to plop down a big chunk of change on a sweet new luxury vehicle. Good for you. Obviously, you want to know that the money you spend isn’t doing down the drain as soon as you fork it over. You’d definitely prefer to buy one of the most reliable luxury cars, because who has the time or money to bring your car to the dealership every other day?

Some of these luxury cars are actually SUVs too. They’ve been added in because SUVs are so popular right now that there’s no reason NOT to include them. Check out the options, then head down to the dealer with your fistfuls of Benjamins to buy your choice.

Lexus ES 350

It’s not just a glorified Toyota. The Lexus ES 350 is the best bang for your buck in the premium or luxury market. At its core, the Lexus ES 350 is a powerful 268-horsepower sedan that’s suitable for business class or comfy family transportation. It’s a sharp-looking car, which is great – you’ll get to stare at it as much as you want in your driveway. That’s because it won’t be trapped in the dealership’s service department all the time.

From powertrain to interior functions, the Lexus ES 350 is the most reliable luxury car you can find right now.

Lincoln MKZ

Lincoln has done great things with the MKZ sedan (one of which is getting Matthew McConaughey on board). Behind a pretty face lies a sleeper of a luxury or premium car. The Lincoln MKZ offers a powerful drive, a refined interior, and a sophistication that sets it far apart from its Ford cousins.

The Lincoln MKZ is just barely surpassed by the Lexus ES, and by the narrowest of margins. You won’t go wrong choosing either one if you’re looking for the most reliable luxury cars.

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