Evan Williams


Evan Williams grew up in a series of small towns. That meant that the only time he saw cool cars was in magazines. But he never stopped looking for them and never stopped loving them.

Evan went to school for mechanical engineering but always loved writing. After half a decade working as an engineering technologist, he was lucky enough to be able to make writing about cars his job.

Despite driving for nearly 20 years, and owning a car for nearly all of that time. Evan has only owned four cars. The first was a 1988 Chevrolet Celebrity with sub-woofers in the third seat footwell and neon trim on the dash. It was 1999, and he regrets nothing. On top of a 328is, Evan’s daily driver is a Civic hybrid. That car has just under 200,000 miles, and survived three years of autocross.

Evan is a freelance automotive journalist based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he has spent the last 14 years enjoying the ocean and the amazing driving roads that twist around it.

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