10 Best Cruiser Motorcycles of 2017


There’s no way to top a gorgeous summer day than cruising down the interstate on one of the best cruiser motorcycles. It’s the freedom of riding without restraints, the fresh air whistling through your helmet, the mingling smells of rich exhaust and leather, and the vibrations in the handlebars that make your fingers tingle. Most of all, it’s the throttle tweak that makes the engine roar a little louder and jump forward. So what are you waiting for? You want the best cruiser motorcycle.

If you have an extra half-spot in your garage you want to fill this summer, think about a cruiser motorcycle. There are some great ones on the market today – much more than just the Harley Davidson lineup. These are the 10 best cruiser motorcycles of 2017.

2017 Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob

It’s the highest rated cruiser motorcycle on the market today. It takes you back to Harley’s roots with its basic nature. If it’s not required, it’s not part of the HD Dyna Street Bob.

It looks fantastic with a cutback rear fender, mini-ape handlebars, and classic sizing, styling, and ride position. The HD Dyna Street Bob has an air-cooled Twin Cam 103 engine that makes the mirrors shake just enough. And in true cruiser fashion, its single seat means you don’t have to worry about your passenger sliding off when you twist the throttle. Easily considered one of the best cruiser motorcycles, if not the best.

2017 Victory High-Ball

The Victory bike lineup runs sexy to start. The Victory High-Ball is the truest incarnation of its intent – an honest, no-frills cruiser that’s a blast to drive and a real looker too.

The mini-ape handlebars are powdered black, as is the exhaust, the engine, and much of the suspension too. It’s what Victory calls a sinister style, and it fits the High-Ball. The matte paint is available in black or nuclear sunset orange, and that’s choice enough for us. A 106 cubic-inch V-Twin engine pumps out 110 ft-lb of torque to rumble your hands numb or peel the rubber from the rear tire.

2017 Honda Shadow Phantom

Maybe the mini-ape handlebars aren’t your shtick. In that case, the Honda Shadow Phantom is probably more your style. The Shadow Phantom is a great package for the simple rider – the person who wants an unabated experience with the road. The best cruiser motorcycle puts the rider in tune with the road.


Its 745cc V-twin engine produces sufficient power for a thrilling ride. It’s cleaner and quieter thanks to a shaft final drive system, and that power is consistent throughout all RPM ranges in all five gears. The Shadow Phantom’s gunfighter saddle makes carrying a passenger possible, although it’s not ideal for long rides. It’s finished in matte black, from the tank and fenders to the engine and wheels – hopefully that’s not a problem…

2017 Suzuki Boulevard M109R B.O.S.S.

As is the custom for the best cruiser motorcycles, the 2017 Suzuki Boulevard M109R starts out on a blacked-out frame and builds from there. This isn’t a bike for everyone – just those who are serious about high performance while they cruise. And Suzuki has done it up to the nines.

It starts out with a 109 cubic-inch V-Twin with a constant-mesh gearbox and shaft drive. It’s bulletproof to say the least. A two-stage cam drive system allows for lower-profile engine designs, keeping the center of gravity of this behemoth near the ground. Most strikingly is the design. A cowl around the uniquely shaped headlight rakes back to the stretched tank design, which flows directly over the fattest rear wheel Suzuki has ever used.

2017 Triumph Rocket III Roadster

If you thought the Suzuki Boulevard was badass, think again. The 2017 Triumph Rocket III Roadster takes it to a whole new level. Your first clue is the triple exhaust manifold…

There’s classic styling with chrome-trimmed modern dial gauges. There’s a tall seat position behind a bulbous tank, and a slightly more forward-leaning position. But that’s what you need to control a 2,294cc 3-cylinder engine with pavement-burning 155 lb-ft of torque. It’s a shaft drive, otherwise you’d be snapping chains. Want to keep up with the fastest motorcycles? This is the best choice to try it. Definitely one of the best cruiser motorcycles out there.

2017 Indian Scout Sixty

A mid-priced, mid-sized cruiser bike to keep an eye on is the 2017 Indian Scout Sixty. It’s perhaps the best combination of handling and style with a price that won’t make you remortgage the house.

Like its name suggests, the Indian Scout Sixty has a 60 cubic-inch V-Twin engine that’s liquid cooled. It runs smooth as silk thanks to engine balancing, but starts to growl when you twist the throttle. An all-aluminum chassis and low center of gravity mean best-in-class handling. With a blacked-out engine, gearbox, frame and wheels, the Scout Sixty surprisingly has four color options to jazz it up a notch.

2017 Indian Scout

So, maybe you want a bit more bike than the Indian Scout Sixty with a bit more bling, but you love the style. The 2017 Indian Scout is your bike.

Its stance is virtually the same, but it has a 100-horsepower 69 cubic-inch V-Twin mounted in the frame. That said frame is cast aluminum, but keeps the vintage style of the ’20s Scout.

2017 Yamaha Stryker

It’s different than the others on the list of best cruiser motorcycles, but the 2017 Yamaha Stryker still a great choice. It’s almost like a chopper, but so much more.


It’s one of the most raked-out front suspensions you’ll find on a cruiser, and its handlebars sweep back more so than the competition. The 80 cubic-inch engine has the power you want, without the difficult maneuverability you don’t need with a chopper. Because of its low seating position, the Yamaha Stryker is one of the better motorcycles for tall riders.

2017 Ducati XDiavel S

If you want a classic cruiser that looks like a custom and rides like a sport bike, the Ducati XDiavel S is a great option. That’s what the X in XDiavel means – a crossover bike. A 77 cubic-inch high-compression V-Twin engine with 156 horsepower peels the tires with the flick of the wrist. There’s a reason it is one of the best cruiser motorcycles you can buy.

It’s a different type of bike for a unique customer. The XDiavel S has Ducati Power Launch capabilities, a belt-final drive, adjustable suspension, low seating position and forward-positioned footpegs. In its off-the-beaten-path cruiser design, Ducati uses their recognizable trellis frame, because you don’t want people to mistake the bike you’re driving. Repairs are expensive, so be sure you know how to clean a motorcycle properly before you take it for a spin.

2017 Honda Rebel 300 ABS

Not everyone wants a big bike. If that’s true for you – whether it’s too heavy, too bulky, or you can’t touch the ground – Honda offers the Rebel 300 ABS. The best cruiser motorcycle doesn’t have to be big and heavy.

The low-slung seat makes it ideal for smaller riders and beginners, but don’t expect a wussy motorcycle. The 2017 Honda Rebel 300 uses a 286cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine which is smallish, but a six-speed gearbox spreads the power wisely over an excellent range. The blacked-out frame, engine and controls add sportiness. Drive it as is, or tweak it out to make it your own. It’s a great basis for customization.