8. Toyota Highlander: 215,775

The Highlander saw a refresh for 2017. It got a new V6 with 295 horsepower and a new eight-speed automatic to help fuel economy. The updated grille looked sharp, although changes inside were minimal.


The Highlander is also the only midsize SUV that’s available as a hybrid. That gives it excellent fuel economy for a vehicle that size. Sales of the refreshed Highlander grew by 24,396 last year, which shows that even if it isn’t the freshest SUV inside, it still offers what buyers want.

7. Jeep Grand Cherokee: 240,696

Another one of the pioneers of the crossover segment, the Jeep Grand Cherokee was one of the first to combine off-road ability with passenger luxury.

The current Grand Cherokee went on sale in 2010 but has seen several small updates over the years to keep it fresh. On top of rugged good looks and four-wheel-drive capability, the Grand Cherokee offers a 3.6-liter V6 and a 5.7-liter V8.

New for 2018, the Grand Cherokee gets updated infotainment systems and a supercharged Trackhawk version that makes 707 horsepower. Jeep sold 28,423 more Grand Cherokees last year, up 13.4 percent.

6. Ford Explorer: 271,131

The Explorer was one of the first SUVs to gain popularity with buyers, and it has evolved with the market. While the first models were practically pick-up trucks, the Explorer is now a comfortable and capable crossover.


The Explorer has a premium interior with high-tech features like Ford’s latest Sync 3 infotainment system. The clever packaging allows for impressive legroom in all three rows. Over 22,600 more people drove home in the Explorer compared with the year before.

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