Yes, this is the elephant in the room, the thing about luxury cars so many people seem to love and hate at the same time.  The vehicle you drive does affect how at least some people treat you. While you can argue if that’s a good or bad thing, it is reality.

If you’re buying a used luxury car, you’ll enjoy some increase in status. The benefits of owning a luxury car go beyond the driving experience. Even if it’s at the subconscious level, people will think you have your act together. Sure, you might have some who despise you for what kind of car you own, but that’s mostly driven by jealousy than genuine hatred.


I’m not saying buying a used luxury car – or any vehicle for that matter – is a good way to win friends and influence others. I am saying that a luxury model can act like a suit. In the right situation, having such a thing at your disposal carries a certain amount of weight.

The old saying that the clothes make the man is something many still believe. Is that shallow? Maybe, but why not take advantage of this component on human nature when buying a used luxury car?

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