Greater Safety

It’s a sad truth, but owning a luxury vehicle means you’re less likely to be hurt or worse in an accident. By and large, they are safer cars compared to others. People pay extra for a vehicle that’s not only posh but that will protect their life so they can get back to the corner office.


Usually in a luxury car you’ll enjoy more airbags, a stronger body structure, more advanced sensors and other features that are designed to spare you from harm.

The Latest Technologies

Luxury car shoppers usually demand the most cutting-edge technologies out there. Even if the vehicle is a few years old, it often at least rivals if not outclasses what’s being offered on new mainstream models. In other words, if you want all of the bells and whistles without paying a small fortune, buying a used luxury car is a smart way to go.

For example, quite a few people are surprised that Hondas and Hyundais can be had with heated and cooled front seats (and heated rear seats) since those have been features typically reserved for luxury models. These people question why anyone would “waste” their money on a Lexus on BMW if they can enjoy the same comforts in a far less expensive car. What they don’t realize is that luxury models for several years now can be had with a heated steering wheel, windshield and windshield washer jets. It will be a long time before those kinds of amenities will be available on a Civic.

Great Performance

People who purchase luxury cars have places to be, things to do, people to see. They want a car that will get them there quickly and securely. These people also crave the feeling of awesome performance at their fingertips. If those sound like great things to enjoy, luxury vehicles are a great fit.


While there are certainly some exceptions, (Jaguar X-Type, anyone?) many luxury cars perform like champs. They typically have larger displacement engines, higher-compression turbos and sportier suspension tuning. Not to mention sharper steering, better brakes, superior aerodynamics – you get the picture.

Your need for speed and performance will be accommodated more with a luxury car. And you’ll experience less road noise and overall better comfort when speeding down the highway.

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