Limited Time for Low Prices

The brand will rebound in due course, and the values will stabilize. The Dieselgate issue is on the forefront of automotive news currently and fresh on everyone’s minds. Once that fades, you’ll begin to see the passionate and vehement disdain for the affected brands slowly give way to apathy. It won’t be long until the brand’s image improves and stabilizes and their sales are back on the upswing. That means that the VW that you buy now at a fantastic, rock-bottom price will spring back in value and won’t depreciate nearly as much while in your possession. That’s a solid benefit for any car-buying situation.


The major battle for Volkswagen is once the software fix is released. It goes without question that performance will be affected, but how much is yet to be seen. If the effects on performance or fuel economy are noticeable to consumers, they will be riding this train all over again.

Volkswagen has a few massive hurdles yet to overcome. They need to get recalls in place for all the affected vehicles and implement them in a timely fashion to satisfy their EPA overseers. They need to smooth relations with all their dealers that have been so negatively affected by Dieselgate. They need to woo their customers back into the fold somehow so they can rebuild their image. And most of all, they need to financially keep their head above water so that, once Dieselgate becomes only a distant memory, they are able to continue building their great cars.

Until that happens, you’ll be able to find reliable, efficient Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche cars and SUVs for sale at smoking-hot prices both from the VW dealers and through private sales.

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