Buyer’s Market

The used car market is flooded with Volkswagens. When the Dieselgate news broke, current Volkswagen owners moved to discard the V-Dub they owned in droves. They want nothing to do with their car which used to be their pride and joy and are willing to sell it off to the first buyer with a little cash in hand. Some owners are so furious about the software cheat and the environmental impact that resulted that they will take well under the market value for their car. It’s a buyer’s market for Volkswagens.


Gas-Powered Vehicles are Still Reliable

While only diesel-powered cars are affected, the brand as a whole is suffering. Currently, gas-powered cars haven’t been affected by the EPA scrutiny and are performing exactly as they are touted. Gas-powered models from Volkswagen are still incredibly fuel-efficient, reliable, and powerful. They’ve been lumped in alongside the diesels and – whether fairly or unfairly – have suffered a great deal in sales numbers and in customer satisfaction ratings.

Upscale Vehicles are Included

Certain Audi vehicles equipped with diesel engines are included as is the 2015 Porsche Cayenne. Audi has certainly been affected significantly as a brand because of it, and Porsche is mostly just guilty by association.The addition of these luxury brands to the Dieselgate list means that their prices will undoubtedly be affected. Sales numbers for both Porsche and Audi will certainly see a decline and the prices will follow suit. You’ll be able to purchase a luxury car at a discount price, which almost never happens.

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