Infiniti Q50

While everyone else is opting for German brands or a Lexus, dare to be different with an Infiniti.


The Q50 pushes the Infiniti brand to a new level of overall quality, plus it’s entertaining to drive. Of course, the base engine feels a little anemic, but if you upgrade to the V6 or hybrid, the car transforms into a little beast.

Volvo S60

The 2018 S60 is an old-school Volvo, meaning it hasn’t gone through the makeover that’s sweeping the lineup.

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That means it’s less expensive than the upcoming 2019 model will be, but we don’t know by how much, yet. To be honest, the interior feels a little cramped and has some cheap components. Handling is passable, and acceleration is strong, especially if you get the R-Design, which pushes the price way up. Waiting for the 2019 model to hit could be a wise move.

Lincoln MKZ

Like the S60, the Lincoln MKZ hasn’t gone under the knife for its transformation. That means you get an interior that feels a little on the cheap side, plus performance that doesn’t feel refined.


Going for the twin-turbo V6 engine pushes up the price quite a bit, but it amps up the fun factor just as much.

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