Acura ILX

One of the least expensive entry level luxury cars, nobody should be fooled into thinking the ILX is anything more than a dressed-up, last-gen Honda Civic.


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy one, because plenty of shoppers are. After all, it’s a reliable vehicle and a major upgrade from a Honda. Take one for a spin and see if you think the price isn’t justified.

Lexus IS

Not everyone is a fan of the current Lexus design language, especially that rather prominent spindle front grille. If it doesn’t bug you, the IS packs a serious value punch.

Not only will you enjoy bullet-proof reliability, the car can be pretty fun, depending on which trim you choose. Lexus has also upped its game for interior quality and luxury, so you won’t suffer in that respect.

Cadillac ATS

Available as a sedan or coupe, the Cadillac ATS now features a sleeker and more toned-down design.


The new badge also has a more youthful appeal, matching what a blast this car is to drive. Even if you opt for the smallest engine, be prepared to have plenty of fun on the road. Interior quality is also likely better than you’re expecting.

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