How to Protect Your Luxury Vehicle From Theft


If you have an expensive brand-new vehicle, you are probably aware of the risks that await your bundle of joy. It may sometimes feel like there is a bulls eye on your vehicle. And in most cases, it is indeed true. High-end brands such as BMW, Mercedes and Range Rover are targeted and stolen a lot more often than other brands. To make things worse, the number of stolen vehicles have been increasing at an alarming rate over the last few years.

Statistics show that 89,000 vehicles were stolen in the UK in 2017 with a massive 56% rise in just 12 months. Compared to 57,000 in 2016. This dramatic surge in car crime has been fueled by the tech-savvy thieves that exploit keyless entry and ignition systems. Unfortunately for owners, almost all of the luxury brands and newer vehicles come with built-in keyless technology. Car manufacturers develop new technologies and place more and more safeguards against theft and tampering. Thieves seem to find a way around these security measures and manage to steal your vehicle.

The Method

Criminals always adapt and discover new methods to steal vehicles. That is why most of the traditional security systems for vehicles don’t work anymore. Car alarms, steering wheel locks, kill switches and tire locks have been around for decades. Professional thieves have figured out how to get past them easily. These simple security measures won’t assure that your car will be where it’s supposed to be after a long night’s sleep.

The Solution

However, we live in an age of innovation. And new technologies emerge almost every day. One of these technologies, GPS tracker devices, is the latest trend in vehicle security. They are one of the best security systems on the market that are available for individuals. Vehicle trackers are equipped with state-of-the-art features that can improve the security of your car and give you peace of mind.

GPS tracker technology allows owners to locate their vehicle on-demand. And place preventive security measures that send multiple alerts in case of a theft attempt. Simply installing a GPS tracker device on a luxury vehicle gives the car owners access to sophisticated features like geofence zones, motion sensors, ignition sensors, real-time tracking, and movement alerts.

Organized crime gangs are targeting luxury cars all over the UK at an increasing rate. These thieves steal these cars either on order or to strip them for their parts. To sell on the black market. These skilled criminals operate when vehicles are most vulnerable. Parked for the night in a driveway or left in a company parking lot.

Mending Fences

Geofence zones are virtual geographic boundaries that can be drawn on a specific location on the map. The GPS tracker device can be configured to trigger a response when it enters or leaves that particular area. Luxury vehicle owners can create safe zones. Like around their driveways or company parking lots when they leave their cars for extended periods of time. If someone moves the vehicle outside the preset zone without their consent, the device sends an instant smartphone notification alerting the owner about the incident. The preemptive warning allows the owners to call the police and inform them about the theft. Most of these stolen vehicles are never seen again. With a simple geo-fence alert, you can pretty much guarantee the safe return of your vehicle.

Another effective way to stop criminals before they manage to get away with a vehicle is movement and ignition sensors. Vehicle tracking devices are armed with sensitive sensors such as motion, ignition and tampering sensors that can be activated with the push of a button. When armed, these sensors detect the slightest movement or tampering with the tracking device and notify the vehicle owners. If you are within close proximity of your vehicle, you can rush to its location and chase off the perpetrators. But it is best to leave these matters to law enforcement officials.


No matter where you are, with instant alerts about any theft attempts you can either prevent the theft or call the police and have them arrest the criminals. No other security system on the market gives vehicle owners the option to interfere with theft or recover a stolen vehicle. Just having these options alone makes vehicle tracking systems the best at what they do; protecting your vehicle.

Experienced professionals commit most of these crimes, and they usually target the more expensive, high-performance cars. Installing a GPS tracker is one of the smartest things to do if you own a luxury car because tracking devices provide unmatched security and advanced telematics functionality on an easy to use mobile app.