20 Most Iconic Cars of Hollywood


Cars and movies have a long, rich history. From the ragged out shell that eventually became the Ghostbuster’s ride to Christine to the iconic DeLorean in the Back to the Future Movies (and countless others), America’s love affair with the automobile is intimately intertwined with our love for movies. What are some of the most iconic cars ever to grace the big screen? There have been plenty, but we’ve collected some of the most impressive (and sometimes notorious) cars from movies below in no particular order.


Who could forget the possessed, sentient car that loved its owner as much as he loved it? Christine was a 1958 Plymouth Fury, and the rumor is that director John Carpenter actually destroyed 20 or so of them during the filming of the movie.


No list of iconic Hollywood cars would be complete without the DeLorean that was so very iconic in the Back to the Future franchise. If you came of age back then, this was probably your ultimate dream car. While the DeLorean is no longer around, the movies still are and you can get your fix anytime.

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