8. Toyota Yaris: $6,100

The Toyota Yaris is a frugal choice for car shoppers to begin with. It’s a subcompact sedan or hatchback that can be had for $15,000 – less, if you wait for promotions. They are better equipped than ever before with decent Entune Audio and Toyota Safety Sense-C, but it’s the previous generation that weighs in here.


Previous, less-equipped Yaris models were incredibly reliable. In fact, the most reported problem was to do with peeling clear coat, which isn’t considered maintenance. That’s why the average Yaris racks up only $6,100 in maintenance costs over 10 years.

7. Nissan Versa: $5,900

Available in both sedan and hatchback styles like its direct competitor, the Yaris, the Versa has been one of the lowest-priced models available. It can be respectably equipped with common power options, or it could be bought with only the essential equipment. That means no power windows or air conditioning. That also means fewer costly breakdowns, maintenance and repairs.

Over a 120-month period, the Nissan Versa has an average maintenance cost of just $5,900. The most common issues are transmission failure and rear suspension spring issues.

6. Toyota Corolla: $5,800

Always a solid choice for reliability, the Toyota Corolla has improved significantly over previous generations, mostly in appearance. The bland commuter/college student styling has been replaced with a suave, attractive exterior that truly has lines. Hopefully, it continues to be as solid as Corollas from the past decade.


Common issues over the past decade have included excessive oil consumption and transmission issues. Still, the Corolla comes in at under $6k for 10-year average maintenance costs – $5,800 to be precise.

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