Bud Scannavino

Bud learned the trade of automotive mechanics after high school. He achieved the rank of Certified Master Automotive Technician, earning the A.S.E. advanced credentials of CMAT with L-1. As an entrepreneur, Bud owned a repair shop. His customers enjoyed his explanations of complex technical issues in easy to understand language, along with a touch of wit and humor.

Bud eventually changed careers, earning an MBA from Yale. For a day job, Bud’s career is in the financial services field, and he serves as an independent insurance agent. Bud’s hobby definitely includes cars. As a freelance writer and advertising consultant, he writes automotive and motorcycle articles, blogs and advertisements, mostly published under his clients’ business names.

When writing about cars, Bud believes that if it is worth writing about, it deserves to be funny. If not, then it should be interesting, and that it should help the reader learn something new about the workings of their car.

When it comes to modifying cars, Bud believes in excess. If a little is good, then too much is just right. Horsepower, torque, noise, handling, you can’t have too much of a good thing. Preferring Detroit iron, Bud has driven Mustang GTs for years.

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