Chris Smith

Chris is an avid automotive enthusiast and thoroughly enjoys writing about the consumer experience with automobiles. In addition to WheelScene, he has written for auto repair shops, collision shops and automotive dealers.
His predilection for buying fun-to-drive but not necessarily easy-to-maintain vehicles has given him decades of hands-on experience in maintenance and permanently scrapped knuckles.
Examples of the automotive zoo he has kept include a 1961 Borgward, 1957 Chevy Bel Air convertible, 1960 Austin Healey Sprite, 1969 MGB, a long line of boring company cars and then the RX7 years with an ’87 Turbo II and an ’89 convertible.
Living in Florida now where it is flatter than Kansas and all the roads go in straight lines, sport cars make little sense. However a Chrysler Sebring convertible makes a nice beach ride.

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