5. Ford Fusion Energi

If the C-Max Energi was a big EV hit for Ford, what could they do to capture even more of the market. The answer is they could drop a battery in their most popular midsized sedan and create the Ford Fusion Energi.


A best seller for Ford for many reasons, electrifying the Fusion and giving it that 19-mile electric range just enhanced its appeal and broadened its audience resulting in 42,228 units sold since 2013.

4. Toyota Plug-in Prius

Even though the original plug-in Prius hybrid went out of production in 2015, replaced by the red hot Prius Prime, you can’t talk about EVs without acknowledging the role the Prius played.

Originally rated by the EPA with an electric range of 11 miles, Prius owners were lucky to get 6. By contrast, the Prime is getting 25 miles on battery alone and has an overall rating of 133 mpg versus the original Prius’ 50 mpg. Nevertheless, Prius the plug-in edged out the Fusion Energi with 42,345 units sold in its three-year run.

3. Tesla Model S

Launched in 2012, the most expensive all-electric automobile will most likely become the most popular EV of all time by the close of 2017. The Model S changed the public’s perception of EVs.


With instant torque, incredible power and zero emissions, Tesla has demonstrated that an all-electric vehicle can be superior to a gas-or diesel-powered car in every way, furthering their mission to get the driving public to switch to a cleaner, sustainable form of energy. This EV leader has sold 85,762 units through 2016.

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