8. Fiat 500e

Panned by the CEO of FCA as a money loser, the 500e proved popular with the public, selling 17,816 units.


Unfortunately thousands of those units were recalled in 2016, but the total sales volume pointed out how much the market liked the looks and peppy performance of this little Fiat.

7. BMW i3

Upscale BMW has no interest in simply fielding a compliance car to keep the California market happy. The time and resources invested in their futuristic i3 electric compact is a prime example of the company’s commitment to electric power and their belief that the alternative source of power will play an increasingly important role in the auto industry.

In the U.S. the i3 comes in two flavors, straight electric and plug-in hybrid. Interestingly, the gas engine range is almost equal to the EV range. Drivers are using the electric motor as the principal mode of power and rely on the weaker gas engine to recharge the battery. Superior electric technology and a design that is straight out of a sci-fi flick has resulted in 23,950 units sold since its introduction in May 2014.

6. Ford C-Max Energi

In 2012 Ford launched the C-Max Energi crossover to amazing success. It instantly became popular thanks mostly to its ability to travel 19 miles on battery before switching to the gas engine.


At a time when gas prices were spiking, an electric range that covered the typical commute made serious financial sense. The C-Max Energi remains popular ranking in the top 7 or better since its debut. To date Ford has sold 32,220 units.

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