Byton Electric SUV

Chinese EV startup Byton brought their “intelligent electric vehicle.” That sounds impressive, but deep down it’s just an electric SUV. That said, it’s one that offers impressive tech. Like a dash with a massive touchscreen that stretches from door to door. It looks like the steering wheel has a screen of its own.


Byton says that the car has a cloud platform that will automatically sync your apps and will unlock the doors using facial recognition. Production is expected to start in 2019 with US sales the next year.

Nissan Brain-to-Vehicle

Nissan is hoping to read your mind with new brain-to-vehicle technology. The tech uses a device that monitors the brain waves of the driver to decide what you want to do and then do it.

Nissan says it will mean quicker reaction times and “systems that adapt to maximize driving pleasure.” People talk about sports cars like Mazda’s MX-5 being intuitive to what you want to do, but Nissan is taking that to a whole new level. Just hope you aren’t easily distracted.

Rinspeed Snap

Rinspeed is a Swiss automaker that has produced some bizarre concepts like the amphibious Splash and the shape-shifting iChange. They’re bringing the Snap to CES. It uses a chassis that the company calls the skateboard and a separate passenger compartment called the pod.


The company knows that the EV and autonomous tech in the skateboard will quickly become outdated. Like a smartphone. So the chassis can be replaced separately from the pod. Upgrade your engine – or in this case battery and motor – keep your car.

The pod can even be used separately from the car. Rinspeed says you can use it for shopping, camping or even as “a cozy cuddling pod.”

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