6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Used Luxury Vehicle


They say buying a used luxury car is one of the worst life decisions a person could ever make. But there are a lot of good benefits of owning a luxury car.

While there are pitfalls, they don’t overshadow the benefits of buying a used luxury car. You can get a recognized brand name luxury vehicle that is full of features, and save yourself the massive depreciation that luxury cars face. Maintenance is key when extending the life of your luxury vehicle, if you let these items slip you can face some big bills in the service department. Make sure to properly maintain your used luxury vehicle for a luxury experience without the price tag.

Bargain Pricing

This depends on the brand and model, but quite a few luxury cars see a dramatic decrease in value within the first one to three years. If you can take advantage of the person who ate the car’s deflation, what you get is a tremendous vehicle at a deep discount.

Most car shoppers have no idea just how dramatic of a drop luxury vehicle prices often take. Quite a few times they’re big enough to make the luxury models about as cheap as an equivalent used mainstream vehicle. Of course, some are suspicious of this “deal” because they believe there’s some sort of catch. It’s that kind of skepticism that helps fuel this trend, so maybe it’s best to not complain. When buying a used luxury vehicle, one of the biggest benefits of owning a luxury car is knowing you saved the massive depreciation the first owner experienced.

Once that initial financial hit has been taken by a luxury car, they typically hold what’s left of their value fairly well. That means you won’t see your money fly away as fast as if you were to go with a new mainstream vehicle such as a Mazda3. It’s counter-intuitive that you can save money by purchasing a luxury item, but in this case that’s the truth.

Solid Craftsmanship

Even at several years old, a pre-owned luxury car has far better craftsmanship than a brand new mainstream vehicle. You can feel it in the seats, with softer leather, a higher-quality pad and fine stitching. The doors feel more substantial, the switchgear isn’t flimsy and even the different components under the hood are just made better.

In some sad cases this doesn’t hold true, especially when luxury brands owned by larger mainstream automakers dip into the shared parts bin. That’s something to keep in mind. But more often than not luxury cars have better interior sound proofing, thicker windows, smaller gaps between components, softer interior surfaces and other niceties that make owning them more of a joy.

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